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Girls, to squirt? I didn't know I could do that!

I can only speak to my own experience. Maybe it will help you.   I have spent 34 years on this planet in this body. I have been having sex since I was 16. That's 18 years of sex. For 10 of those years I was definitely reaching an orgasm. I would play with my clit and get that good tight feeling, and then that awesome pulsating release. I can, and still prefer to reach that orgasm more then once during sex or masturbation. However, when I was 28 years old, I was in love. Like real love for the first time. He and I had been having sex for months, everyday. Then one day, I felt this sensation of needing to pee. We were in the missionary position, and I had had sex before while needing to pee.  This was different. I told him,  "Wait, stop, I have to pee, like now."  To which he laughed lovingly and said "No, That's what an orgasm feels like." I laughed and insisted "No it does not." I could tell he was not lying. So I grabbed my phone and googled it. H
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Introduction to Masturbation

Introduction to Masturbation   6 Minute Read  Masturbation Guide for women and men too (just not the vagina part) Written By Lexie Berg, Owner of  What your gonna need: A clean towel. A music Playing device. Lube or your own spit.   Today I wanna help those who have a curiosity about masturbation. Masturbation is completely normal. I masturbate daily and have a sexual partner. It is completely normal to want to masturbate even if you are having sex every day. I don't want this article to be some long winded babble about things you already know. I do not claim to be an expert or medical professional. I just enjoy sex, masturbation and all things related. I have experience in sex and masturbation and I enjoy teaching others. I enjoy talking about the subject and I enjoy allowing an open safe space for my friends (sometimes strangers) to privately talk with me about anything.    Masturbation does not have to be a big production. I personally rarely take my clothes off